Monday, 12 January 2009

Postcard 3: Mwnt and the Bardsey Island Trail

The little church of the Holy Cross at Mwnt, near Cardigan Island

We love coming to Mwnt for a picnic, and it was good to see the little church featuring on S4C's 'Dechrau Canu, Dechrau Canmol' programme last night. We joined the Friends of Mwnt Church some months ago, and enjoy receiving a calendar of events. The 12th century font is older than the current church.

Mwnt has a splendid coastal position, and we have often seen a seal or two. We watched a couple of bottlenose dolphins on one occasion. Cardigan Island, home to a number of seals, is nearby: the Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park is well worth a visit.

I have selected Mwnt, not so much on its own literary merit, but on account of the fact that it marks a convenient resting point on the ancient pilgrimage route (a) between St Davids and Bardsey Island - aka Enlli - and (b) between St Davids and the beautiful abbey of Strata Florida. Poets R.S. Thomas, Gillian Clarke, Fflur Dafydd and Christine Evans have all had close links with the island.


The Weaver of Grass said...

How lovely to visit your blog for the first time and be greeted by Mwnt church. For many years, when I lived in the Midlands, we stayed in a farm cottage at Verwig in Cardiganshire. Our favourite walks were all on the Pembrokeshire footpath. Gwbert and the choughs, Mwnt for the lovely, simple church, St Dogmales and a wonderful inland walk we did at Nefyn (not sure about that spelling). Nice to make your acquaintance - shall put you on my blog list immediately. Best wishes.

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. I love watching choughs on the Pembrokeshire cliffs, but have yet to spot them in the Cardigan area. Nevern is indeed a fascinating place.