Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Postcard 65: Ellicott City, Feathered Friends and the Aroma of Coffee

Those of you who have read my Coastcard blog recently will know that I have entered a poem in the Writelink Spring Fever Competition. All contest poems are posted up on the Writelink site. Contestants have been asked to invite their blog-readers to take a look and to cast a vote for a favourite piece and/or leave a comment. You can find the link to my entry here (with a link to all the other poems), and more details of the contest here. I know we would all value your feedback. Voting closes on 21 March, so the clock is ticking!

Fellow poet, Kay Weeks, from Historic Ellicott City, Maryland, USA invited me to be the guest poet on her blog yesterday. Do join her on A Walk into the Past, where you will begin to learn why Kay and I share a soft spot for members of the auk family.

We have something else in common, too - a passion for the aroma of fresh coffee! Kay says that coffee makes her feel like 'floating on clouds'. I defy you to read about the coffee in the deli in Yates Market without feeling that it must be time for what a certain favourite bear would refer to as 'a little something' (you have to scroll down a bit for this one).

I'm just flying off to fetch my favourite mug. It's time to sample the heightened joy in Kay's 'Coffee' sestina. Thank you, Kay!

P.S. On the subject of coffee, do take a look at Seth Apter's artistic work here, which I have just been enjoying.
P.P.S. Cathy has a delightful puffin picture on her excellent site ... here!


Kay Weeks said...

Thanks so much, Caroline! I am having a cup of coffee right now, and thinking "friendship, gratitude, connection across the miles" and even more coffee at Mar de Jade, Chacala Beach, Mexico...with some dancers. My daughter drinks tea! OH's OK. Your friend, Kay

Seth said...

Quite a beautiful, stirring, and thought provoking poem. Glad I could vote! And thank you for the link to my site and my "coffee" inspired pieces.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...


It wasn't too far away from Holy Island. We couldn't get across to the Island we got the timings of the tide wrong and it was coming in so wasn't safe to drive along the causeway and our schedule didn't allow us to stay there over night.

Do you remember the story of Grace Darling and the lighthouse. The islands where the puffins breed are called the Farne Islands and are not far from the lighthouse. Here's a little snippet......

Farne Islands, a very special place indeed. Only 2 miles off the coast of Northumberland, this group of low lying Islands, the largest of which are Staple and Inner Farne, are the breeding home to tens of thousands of puffins, thousands of kittiwake, arctic tern, eider duck and guillemot, hundreds of razorbill, In the waters surrounding them an estimated 2,000 Atlantic grey Seal.

You need to wear a hat when you go on the islands as the birds sometimes go for your head never mind what might drop on it! There are boat trips out to see the puffins.

Marc Latham said...

Amazing photo Caroline. Wonderful colours and detail.